Get followers on Twitter without following back


You see some accounts on Twitter that have thousands and even hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter yet they are only following a few people. That does lead you to ask the question.

How do they do it. How do they get followers without following back. Well I’ll tell you and there are plenty of ways.

The first way That I’ll tell you about is a cool little trick that you can use to get your first 1000 followers on Twitter without ever following anyone. That is TRAFFUP simply pop over to the site. Register an account then link it to your Twitter account. After that you just offer 50 points to anyone who follows you and Retweet other people to gain points yourself.

Another way to get followers without following back is to be cheeky. Add your name to a follow back list and just don’t follow back. Simple. is a good follow back list.

You want more:-)

Lets go.

3000 followers without following back? Sounds good eh. Well it’s so easy it will make you laugh. But you need a website. All you do is add a link to read19.Com and to your site and then email a guy called Greg. in the gmail you must include a link to the page where you linked to the 2 sites and include the words 3000 followers. Within 3 days you get them it’s that simple. I did it twice already :-).

There is a really cool way to get followers every day without following back but it’s too much to add time thıis post. I found it on another website and it works a treat. You can find it here Get twitter followers without following back


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