Make Your Account Followable

August 24, 2013

The most important thing to keep in mind when your trying to get more twitter followers is that you need to look like someone that people actually want to follow. For instance if your profile picture is crap and dull then that will not attract attention. You need to be cool and sexy. bright and attractive. Use an image of anything that gets attention.

The second thing to consider is that your tweets must be cool as well. most people that see your account that are not following you see you through retweets from other people. Your tweets need to be so interesting that people want to hear more. If someone wants to hear more from you then they will have to follow you to do so.

Yourbio is also very important. You need top have a few words about your self or your brand that inspire interest plus try to include keywords that are relevent to your desired type of follower because some people will find you through the twitter search function.


Buy Cheap Twitter Followers

August 6, 2013

Buying cheap twitter followers can be a risky business. You need to find a supplier taht you can trust. We have been researching the subject and found that is the most reliable place to buy twitter followers cheap.

We brought 10000 twitter followers from them and they wore delivered to our account within only 36 hours. We did not lose any followers yet and in fact it enticed others to follow our account.

We did not even have to follow any of our new followers back. We also noticed that tweeting links to our website to more followers very slightly increased our search rank.

Head over to and be safe in the knowledge that when you Buy Cheap Twitter Followers  You get waht you pay for.

This is a review of and we give them 10 out of 10 for every part of their service.

Funny and cool things to tweet on twitter

April 27, 2013


Here are a list of the most retweeted and favourited tweets on the planet. Some of the best and funniest thibgs to tweet on twitter.
Here goes. ..

I dont need anger management. I just need people to STOP PISSING ME OFF.

Women have small feet so that they can get closer to the sink.

washing. Ironing. Fucking. Etc

The only thing more expensive than marriage is divorce.

Women are like a Tornado. Wild when they cum and leave with the house.

Sex is private.  Its between you and the person your doing it to.

Leave your best tweets in the comment section with your twitter @name so we can all follow you.

How to buy retweets safely

April 24, 2013


There are many companies selling retweets and followers and some are very unreliable.  We have discovered a company that sells retweets, twitter followers and favourites.

We have used the company many times on our twitter account and never hsd a problem. We also discovered that buying retweets actually helped our search engine position.

I think that the more retweets and tweets that you get on a website link the more sites will actually link to you via importing your popular tweet into their feed therefore building backlinks.

The site offers the most reliable service and we highly recommended to all of our readers.

You can buy from 300 to 6000 retweets for as littly as $3 so they are also one of the cheapest places to buy retweets.

The other thing about purchasing retweets is that you will find more people naturally retweeting the same tweet and if its a good tweet then you are going to find your self gaining more followers as well.

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Twitter automation

February 1, 2013

Twitter automation.

Free Retweets

January 29, 2013


Free Retweets are an essential element of any internet marketing campaign. Especially if you have a limited number of followers. I’m going to show you exactly how to get them.

Basically there is a system to get Retweets in exchange for points and points are earned by tweeting and following others. The website that hosts this system has nearly 4000 active users and getting 300 Retweets on a single tweet is both easy and fast.

The other accounts on the database range from 0 followers to 100000s of thousands. I have quite often got Retweets from 40+ thousand follower accounts.

So a single tweet can be put before the eyes of literally hundreds of thousands of Twitter users very quickly generating some good traffic.

To get free Retweets simply visit this site and to discover more free Retweets resources look at this Retweets website

Get followers on Twitter without following back

January 29, 2013


You see some accounts on Twitter that have thousands and even hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter yet they are only following a few people. That does lead you to ask the question.

How do they do it. How do they get followers without following back. Well I’ll tell you and there are plenty of ways.

The first way That I’ll tell you about is a cool little trick that you can use to get your first 1000 followers on Twitter without ever following anyone. That is TRAFFUP simply pop over to the site. Register an account then link it to your Twitter account. After that you just offer 50 points to anyone who follows you and Retweet other people to gain points yourself.

Another way to get followers without following back is to be cheeky. Add your name to a follow back list and just don’t follow back. Simple. is a good follow back list.

You want more:-)

Lets go.

3000 followers without following back? Sounds good eh. Well it’s so easy it will make you laugh. But you need a website. All you do is add a link to read19.Com and to your site and then email a guy called Greg. in the gmail you must include a link to the page where you linked to the 2 sites and include the words 3000 followers. Within 3 days you get them it’s that simple. I did it twice already :-).

There is a really cool way to get followers every day without following back but it’s too much to add time thıis post. I found it on another website and it works a treat. You can find it here Get twitter followers without following back

Getting Twitter Followers

January 29, 2013


Twitter is all about tweeting and the amount of people that hear what you have to say depends on 3 things.

1. How many followers you have
2. How many Retweets you get
3. How many times you tweet

In this post I’m just going to go into point 1. Twitter followers. Getting Twitter followers is easy if your actually followable.  By that I mean you need a nice profile picture for a start. Something that people want to see and hear from.

You also need a good bio. Describe yourself and what your about.

Once your profile looks good it’s time to be clever. Search Twitter and find big accounts. Hundred thousand plus follower accounts. Read the tweets from the accounts and tweet answers to some of them. Clever nice comments that themselves required another answer.

If you can do this then you will soon see your Twitter @name splashed all over Twitter in replies from the big accounts that you tweeted to. If your profile picture is cool and so is your @name then your soon going to get tons of people following you.

People are also going to tweet at you so make sure that you check your mentions. You need to be funny and interactive on Twitter. You need to make people feel good in less than 140 characters. It’s an art form but get it right and you will fly.

You can also get followers simply by following and retweeting.  If you Retweet someone who is not following you then they soon will be. Not to mention that if you follow people who are following more people than follow them then you will get the follow back.